Kidney health

The kidneys perform a central balancing act in our health. They maintain the balance between fluid, salt, minerals, acids, etc. in our body and eliminate toxins.

When the kidneys no longer function correctly it is not immediately noticeable, but it causes life-threatening damage, particularly to the heart and circulation.

It is worth looking after our kidneys and getting our kidney function tested, for the sake of our health.

Are your kidneys healthy?

Children’s kidneys

Dear children, dear parents, dear interested persons, the kidneys have virtually the same function in children as they do in adults.

However, there are certain differences and specific aspects that the kidneys have to cope with in childhood. For instance, good kidney function is very important for the body to grow normally.

….when things suddenly turn out differently …..





Living with kidney disease

A healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and normal blood pressure, insulin and cholesterol levels are essential for maintaining healthy kidney function.

Highly promising treatments that can protect kidney function and delay⁠—or in many cases prevent—the onset of kidney failure have been developed for patients suffering from kidney disease. Discuss the possible action that can be taken with your doctor….


Kidney Topics

Here you will find links to interesting and useful pages on the subject of kidneys, organized by topic: nutrition, personal experiences, videos, campaigns, associations, living wills and testaments, useful documents, everyday aids, etc.





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