Our aims
  • To inform the population, especially children and young people, and increase awareness of the vital functions and roles of the kidneys
  • To provide education on prevention, early detection and treatment of kidney disease
  • To provide patients with kidney disease and their relatives with information
  • To provide education on and increase awareness of organ donation
  • To promote scientific dialogue between researchers and doctors in the field of kidney disease and its treatment methods
  • To support research into kidney disease and the treatment options, as well as share research results in scientific publications and committees

The Foundation Board


The Swiss Kidney Foundation was founded on November 20, 2003. We are committed to informing, raising awareness and educating the population about the kidneys and their functions.

In addition, we are committed to the concerns of all people with kidney disease throughout Switzerland and support research into kidney and kidney diseases.

Foundation Deed

«Sharing laughter is good for the soul

Pandora Kunz, Member of the Foundation Board