The Foundation Board

The current Foundation Board consists of 10 members from the healthcare industry and one legal advisor.

Their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge strengthen the Swiss Kidney Foundation in its commitment to health.

Member of the Foundation Board

François Verrey
Forename François
Surname Verrey
Year of birth 1954
Experience in the field or focus of activity After a few years’ medical activity, including in nephrology, several years’ work as a researcher and lecturer in physiology, particularly in the area of transport of salt and amino acids in the kidneys
Previous activities, if relevant Director of National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Kidney.CH, Director of Institute of Physiology of the University of Zürich, President of Swiss Society of Nephrology and the Swiss  Physiological Society.
Current activities As Professor emeritus working for various foundations, for the University of Zürich and, within the scope of the  NCCR Kidney.CH and the Health Sciences eTraining Foundation (HSeT), on the postgraduate training course (CAS/DAS) ‘Translational Nephrology’
Voluntary activity
  • Board of the Swiss Kidney Foundation
  • Member of the NCCR Kidney.CH advisory board
  • Coordinator of CAS/DAS ‘Translational Nephrology’ (UniBE, NCCR Kidney.CH, HSeT)
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board and Academia of HSeT
  • Member of the ‘Leenaards Award’ jury
  • Member of various committees at the University of Zürich
Pierre-Yves Martin
Forename Pierre-Yves
Surname Martin
Year of birth 1956
Experience in the field or focus of activities Head of the Department of Nephrology (2000-2021)
Previous activities, if relevant Chief Physician Department of Medicine University of Geneva
Current activities Professor Emeritus University of Geneva
Voluntary activity President Fondation AGIR
Isabelle Binet
Forename Isabelle
Surname Binet
Year of birth 1962
Experience in the field or focus of activity Several years’ care of people with kidney diseases and live kidney donors

Interest in informing laypeople about kidneys and transplantation

Previous activities, if relevant President of Swiss Society of Nephrology
Current activities Clinic head nephrology/transplant medicine, St Gallen Cantonal Hospital
Voluntary activity
  • President Swiss Transplantation Society (STS)
  • Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) subcommittee member
  • Swisstransplant foundation board
  • Swiss Society of Nephrology (SSN) Board
  • Board of SNO Foundation for Follow-up after Live Organ Donation
Olivier Bonny
Forename Olivier
Surname Bonny
Year of birth 1969
Experience in the field or focus of activities
  • Basic research into kidney diseases (kidney stones).
  • Long-term care of people suffering from kidney diseases
Previous activities, if relevant Secretary, Swiss Society of Nephrology (SSN)
Current activities Head of the Service of Nephrology, HFR, Freiburg
Voluntary activity
  • SSN Board – President elect
  • Member of nephrology examination board
Pietro Cippà
Forename Pietro
Surname Cippà
Year of birth 1982
Experience in the field or focus of activity Clinical nephrologist, basic researcher
Previous activities, if relevant
  • MD/PhD Nephrology and Immunology, University of Zürich
  • postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and Nephrology at University Hospital Zürich
  • Postdoc, Regenerative Nephrology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
Current activities
  • Head of Nephrology Department, Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale, Lugano
  • Key research interests: transplantation, acute renal insufficiency.
Voluntary activity None at present
Sabine Herzig
Forename Sabine
Surname Herzig
Year of birth 1978
Experience in the field or focus of activities Worked for many years as a qualified nurse and specialist carer nursing and advising people with chronic kidney disease.
Experience of teaching and training specialist nurses with the focus on chronic diseases and renal insufficiency
Previous activities, if relevant Caring for people with kidney disease as a specialist nurse on the nephrology ward at Inselspital Bern, Switzerland.
Current activities Head of specialist consultations for chronic kidney diseases, Inselspital Bern.
Advanced practice nurse APN
Thomas Hunziker
Forename Thomas
Surname Hunziker
Year of birth 1956
Experience in the field or focus of activity ADPKD, care of patients prior to transplantation, family support
Previous activities, if relevant
Current activities
  • Board of Swiss Kidney Patients Association
  • President, joint schools board Affoltern district
Voluntary activity
  • Vice-president, Verein obere Bahnhofstrasse Affoltern am Albis, trade
  • Chef, Kulturkeller LaMarotte
Pandora Kunz
Forename Pandora
Surname Kunz-Notter
Year of birth 1985
Experience in the field or focus of activities Lawyer specialising in public law, specifically public health law.
Current activities Lawyer and partner in the practice of Kanzlei Lemann, Walz & Partner, Bern, Switzerland.
Andrea Schäfer
Forename Andrea Maria
Surname Schäfer Affentranger
Year of birth 1961
Experience in the field or focus of activity
  • Supporting kidney patients on issues concerning living on dialysis or with a transplant.
  • Providing information and organising information events for kidney patients. Organising activities to promote organ donation.
Previous activities, if relevant ditto
Current activities ditto
Voluntary activity President VNPS (Swiss Kidney Patients Association)
Sibylle Tschumi
Forename Sibylle
Surname Tschumi
Year of birth 1976
Experience in the field or focus of activities
  • Paediatric and adolescent medicine
  • Specialty title Paediatric Nephrology
Current activities Head of Paediatric Nephrology Unit, Inselspital Bern
Voluntary activity None at present
Seraina von Moos
Title Dr. med.
Forename Seraina
Surname von Moos
Year of birth 1981
Experience in the field or focus of activities Nephrology with focus on post-transplant care
Previous activities, if relevant Medical studies & Master studies Biology/Immunology University of Zurich
Advanced training in internal medicine and nephrology
Senior physician at the University Hospital of Zurich
President and co-founder of Young Swiss Nephrology
Current activities Senior Physician Cantonal Hospital Lucerne

Former members of the Foundation Board

Alfred Bär, Oberwil BL
Professor Andreas Bock, Aarau
Professor Michel Burnier, Lausanne
Ursula Dietrich, Bern
Walter Geiser, Dornach
Professor Jean-Pierre Guignard, Lausanne

Ulrich Hänsenberger, Bern
Professor Heini Murer, Beckenried
Professor Bernard Rossier, Lausanne
Dr. Carlo Schönholzer, Breganzona
Professor Jürg Steiger, Basel

«I live healthy and enjoy the present and listen well to my body»

Thomas Hunziker, Member of the Foundation Board