Swiss Kidney Foundation

We are committed to informing and educating the Swiss population and heightening their awareness of the kidneys and their functions. We are also dedicated to addressing the concerns of anyone in Switzerland suffering from kidney disease and promoting research into kidneys and kidney disease.

Kidney health

concerns everyone

Kidney guide

  • Are your kidneys healthy?
  • Kidney disease can lead to kidney failure. Look after your kidneys!
  • Living with kidney failure
  • Is it possible to eat well despite haemodialysis?
  • Living with kidney disease
  • And yes, there are things that doctors and patients should consider


Our brochures

  • Living with kidney failure: replacement therapy
    Brochure for children: our kidneys are heroes


Everything you need to know about the scientific projects we support.

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Here you will find our shared aims.

Who we are and how we are organised.



Children’s kidneys

Kidneys are heroes for kids too!
What if they don’t work properly?

Whom to ask?

How is it for the family?



Here you will find:


  • some great articles by our ambassador, Milena Moser, about living with kidney failure and transplants.
  • There are also some handy adverts/filler ads about the kidneys—our heroes—available to download.
  • Interviews on kidneys


«Joy for nature and life in a dynamic balance
is good for health!

François Verrey, Member of the Foundation Board