Living with kidney disease

A healthy life, with appropriate diet, controlled blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids, is a prerequisite for preserving kidney function. Promising therapies for patients with kidney disease have also been developed that can protect kidney function and slow, and in many cases prevent, the onset of kidney failure. Discuss possible interventions with your medical treatment team.


Specialized nutritionists can help you find a diet that is right for you. Your doctor can prescribe nutritional counseling that is reimbursed by your health insurance (form for requesting a prescription [DE/FR/IT]).

List of nutritional consultations specialized in the field of nephrology.

Recipes in calendar form






Brochures on living with kidney disease & postcards

Order the brochure “Living with kidney failure – Which treatment should I choose?”

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  • This brochure helps kidney patients, alone and together with their treatment team, to make the decision that becomes necessary when kidney failure develops: Choosing the appropriate renal replacement therapy.

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  • The postcards are available free of charge in 4 languages and their small format allows them to be displayed in the waiting room. By doing so, you help to spread information about the importance of kidneys for health and support the Swiss Kidney Foundation!




Five things that doctors and patients should consider

In the interests of the Schweizerische Akademie für Qualität in der Medizin (Swiss Academy for Quality in Medicine) and a similar initiative by the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine, the Board of the Swiss Society of Nephrology has joined the international “Choosing Wisely” campaign.

The Choosing Wisely campaign aims to promote doctor-patient dialogue and contains medical guidelines in cases of unfavourable individual benefit-risk ratios.

Are your kidneys healthy?

850 million people live with kidney disease. Take this one-minute quiz to find out if your kidneys are healthy.

The main job of your kidneys is to remove toxins and excess water from your blood. Kidneys also help to control your blood pressure, to produce red blood cells and to keep your bones healthy. The kidneys are complicated and amazing organs that do many essential tasks to keep us healthy. They are so important that you cannot live well without functioning kidneys.

Between 8 and 10% of the adult population has some form of kidney damage, and every year millions die prematurely of complications related to kidney disease.

«I live healthy and enjoy the present and listen well to my body»

Thomas Hunziker, Member of the Foundation Board