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Investigation into the travel costs of dialysis patients

Investigation into the travel costs of dialysis patients – what are the financial and social implications of these costs?
Patients with chronic kidney disease often have to undergo dialysis treatment. There are various methods of dialysis, such as hemodialysis (blood purification) or peritoneal dialysis (peritoneal dialysis). Hemodialysis is usually performed in specialized centers. Patients usually have to visit such a center several times a week. However, not everyone lives in the immediate vicinity of such a center. For many, a visit to a center is associated with a corresponding journey. This results in travel costs that are usually not covered by health insurance. Patients who require hemodialysis therefore face financial burdens.
This study examines the impact of these travel costs on patients and their families.
2022 – Kai-Uwe Schmitt, Bern

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One kidney is enough to save a life

On “World Kidney Day” on March 10, 2022, kidney donors and kidney transplant recipients met in the Hoch-Ybrig ski area to raise awareness of what a kidney transplant means for patients with kidney disease. In the snow, the patients got creative and carved “ice kidneys” out of ice blocks. In addition, a record-breaking three-meter-high kidney was created from snow on site.

The main message of the participants: “One kidney is enough to save a life”.






Swiss camp for children with kidney disease

The first holiday camp for children with kidney disease and their siblings was held in Switzerland more than 30 years ago. The camp has always been organised by Zurich Children’s Hospital’s Renal Department. This summer camp gives sick children and adolescents the opportunity to socialise, whilst giving their families respite for a week.

The Swiss Kidney Foundation is supporting this camp in 2021.
In July 2022, the camp was held in Weggis (report to follow at a later date).

The calendar for patients, friends and families

“Bon Appetit!”

The calendar is for patients, friends, families and all foodies who want to discover simple recipes that are easy to cook and comply with the few restrictions there are with dialysis treatment.

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Access to expensive kidney treatments in Switzerland

For a long time, nephrologists have been fighting for fair access to medical care and against shortages of resources, especially since transplants and chronic dialysis have become possibilities. Medical science is making rapid progress with highly promising treatments that can protect kidney function for patients with kidney disease. Many of these new medicines are expensive, however, and not accessible to all patients. Nephrologists are therefore having to once more be at the forefront of the fight for fairer access to these new, expensive therapies. Read more…

The Swiss Kidney Foundation started supporting this important and interesting project in 2021.

2022: Position of Swiss nephrologists regarding access to new/expensive therapies for renal patients (poster at the SSN Congress, December 2022).

Dr. med Valerie A. Luyckx MD, MSc, PhD
PD Dr. med. Giuseppina Spartà, eMBA
Prof. Dr. med Thomas F. Mueller MD
Institute of Biomedical Ethics and the History of Medicine, University of Zurich, Winterthurerstrasse 30, 8006 Zurich

Expert conference on nephrological care

The Interessengemeinschaft Nephrologie – Nephrology Interest Group (IG-Nephrologie) for German-speaking Switzerland is a professional association made up of nurses working in all areas of nephrology. Founded in 1989, IG-Nephrologie now numbers around 150 nurses spread across German-speaking Switzerland.

IG-Nephrologie has been organising expert conferences for years, and these have been supported by the Swiss Kidney Foundation for some time.