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Choosing Wisely:
Five things that doctors and patients should consider

In the interests of the Schweizerische Akademie für Qualität in der Medizin (Swiss Academy for Quality in Medicine) and a similar initiative by the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine, the Board of the Swiss Society of Nephrology has joined the international “Choosing Wisely” campaign.

The Choosing Wisely campaign aims to promote doctor-patient dialogue and contains medical guidelines in cases of unfavourable individual benefit-risk ratios.

Are your
kidneys healthy?

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“Bon Appetit!”

The 2020 calendar is for patients, friends, families and all foodies who want to discover simple recipes that are easy to cook and comply with the few restrictions there are with dialysis treatment.

Browse through the 2020 calendar month by month and discover different recipes, guidelines for a balanced diet and tips to make your daily life easier, as well as crossword puzzles to test your knowledge.

Calendar 2020

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