Member of the Foundation Board

The Swiss Kidney Foundation has been around for more than 15 years, since 20 November 2003, to be precise. The current Foundation Board consists of 10 members from the healthcare industry and one legal advisor. Their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge strengthen the Swiss Kidney Foundation in its commitment to health.

Our aims

Tax exemption

Your donation is tax deductible.
The Foundation is exempt from cantonal and municipal taxes, as well as direct federal taxes, by order of Bern Tax Administration of 9 December 2019.

Bank details

Post Finance AG
Schweizerische Nierenstiftung
3082 Schlosswil
IBAN: CH22 0900 0000 6038 5443 2

Former members of the Foundation Board

Alfred Bär, Oberwil BL
Professor Andreas Bock, Aarau
Professor Michel Burnier, Lausanne
Ursula Dietrich, Bern
Walter Geiser, Dornach
Ulrich Hänsenberger, Bern
Professor Jean-Pierre Guignard, Lausanne
Professor Pierre-Yves Martin, Veyrier
Professor Heini Murer, Beckenried
Professor Bernard Rossier, Lausanne
Dr. Carlo Schönholzer, Breganzona
Professor Jürg Steiger, Basel