Since 2003, the Swiss Kidney Foundation has been dedicated to the cause of everyone suffering from kidney disease throughout Switzerland, including dialysis patients and those with kidney transplants.


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Together on the road with the Swiss Kidney Patients Association (SKPA)

Our aims:

  • To educate people about prevention, early detection and treatment of kidney diseases
  • To inform patients with kidney disease and their relatives about the nature, course and treatment options of kidney disease and how it might affect their lives.
  • Organ donation
  • Scientific dialogue between researchers in the field of kidney diseases
  • Research into kidney diseases and their treatment options, as well as the dissemination of research results in scientific publications and to committees
  • Scientific cooperation within Switzerland on research into kidney diseases and their treatment methods

“The joy of nature and of living in a dynamic balance is healthy!”

François Verrey, Member of the Board of Trustees

High blood pressure, swelling or changes in your urine can be first warning signs. However, the disease can be detected early on with laboratory tests.

As you usually only notice this a little, or not at all, the damage can progress unnoticed until it is severe and irreversible.

Kidney disease can affect anyone. Kidney disease leads to a progressive or sudden loss of the kidney’s excretory and cleansing function.